The Company may, at any time due to various reasons, including but not limited to technical errors, unavailability of service(s), unavailability of stocks or for any other reasons beyond its reasonable control, whatsoever, cancel the orders placed by the user(s)/ customers. The Company’s decision of cancellation of such order(s) shall be final and the Company shall not be held liable for such cancellation, whatsoever. If the order is cancelled after a successful payment is made by the user credit card has been charged, the Company shall endeavour to pay the aid amount shall be reversed the payment in the user's source payment method whether, debit card, credit card, bank account, UPI or any other method.

In case of requests for order cancellations, the Company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject requests for such order cancellations for any reason whatsoever, without being liable to show cause to the user(s). As part of usual business practice, if the Company receives a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed by the Company, the Company shall endeavour to cancel the order and refund the same amount paid by the user within a reasonable period of time.

In case the order has already been processed, it is pertinent to note that the Company shall not cancel the same and shall reserve full rights to decide whether to process the order or not. The user hereby agrees and undertakes that the decision made by the Company in such a case, is acceptable to the user and the user shall not hold the Company liable against any damages and/ or delays and shall indemnify the Company against any legal consequences.

Under no circumstances shall the Company's liability exceed giving the user a replacement of the same product(s) or service(s) and/ or an alternate product or service of the same monetary value;

Returns is a scheme provided by respective seller/service provider directly under this policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by the respective service provider to you. All products or services listed under a particular category may not have the same returns policy. For all products, the returns/replacement policy provided on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy. Do refer the respective item's applicable return/replacement policy on the product page for any exceptions to this returns policy and the table below.


You may have the right to initiate a chargeback request in accordance with the terms and conditions of Your debit or credit card scheme or your bank account. Please note that Your chargeback request will be processed by Your debit/ credit card provider or your bank and not by Company. Therefore, Company bears no liability for the processing of the chargeback requests.

Company reserves the right to review Your Account and transaction history pursuant to a chargeback request, in order to determine the occurrence of fraud. If Company has any reason to believe that there has been fraudulent activity on Your Account, Company reserves the right to terminate, block or suspend Your Account with immediate effect.

All refund amounts shall be credited to Buyer’s account as may be stipulated as per the payment mechanism of Buyer’s choice, the estimated timelines are detailed as below: (Order Edit /Cancellation/Compensation/Payment Failure)