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The Road side Assistance services listed on CarVaidya are designed to provide quick and reliable assistance in case of vehicle breakdowns or emergencies. With a vast network of service providers in New Delhi, CarVaidya ensures that help is just a phone call away. Their services include tire replacement, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and towing service. Whether you're stranded on a lonely road or facing a minor inconvenience, CarVaidya's Roadside Assistance is there to offer prompt and efficient support in New Delhi. With their 24/7 availability and commitment to customer satisfaction, CarVaidya's Roadside Assistance services provide peace of mind and help you navigate unexpected situations with ease.

Road Side Assistance

CarVaidya Partners with Quality & Skilled Oriented Workshops in New Delhi

They possess the expertise to diagnose issues accurately and provide efficient repair and maintenance solutions. Carvaiyda simplifies your car service decisions in New Delhi! Compare and choose from a range of all car-related services. From maintenance to repairs, find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Drive with confidence, trust in Carvaiyda for unmatched convenience and quality in automotive care.

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Take your time to compare the plans and select the one that suits your specific needs.

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Provide the necessary information about your vehicle, including the make, model, and registration details.

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Roadside Assistance is a service that provides immediate help and support in case of vehicle breakdowns, accidents, or other emergencies. It includes services such as towing, jump-starting a dead battery, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, and lockout service.
To access Roadside Assistance services on CarVaidya, simply contact their dedicated helpline or use their mobile app. Provide them with your location and details of the assistance required, and they will dispatch a trusted service provider to your location.
CarVaidya's Roadside Assistance services have a wide coverage area, typically spanning across major cities and highways. However, the specific coverage area may depend on the service providers partnered with CarVaidya.
Certain limitations or restrictions may apply to Roadside Assistance services, such as the number of service calls per year, distance limitations for towing services, or specific conditions for flat tire assistance or lockout service. It's advisable to review the terms and conditions of the specific Roadside Assistance plan you choose.
Yes, CarVaidya's Roadside Assistance services are often available to all vehicle owners, regardless of whether they have their insurance through CarVaidya or not. However, it's recommended to confirm the availability and terms of Roadside Assistance for non-insured vehicles with CarVaidya's customer support.
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